Cornahir Dexter Herd
Around 1970, Dr Padraig Spillane (a General Medical Practitioner in Sheffield, England) bought some of the Tetley Dexter herd, including:
Shadwell Robert 1978; Shadwell Francis 8585; Shadwell Poppy (Red) 8636; Shadwell Shirley (Red) 8676; Shadwell Ilex 8675; Shadwell Petal 8346; Shadwell Holly 7328 and possibly Shadwell Blackbird 7801.
As he had no land in Sheffield and wanted the Dexter breed returned to its country of origin, Dr Spillane donated the herd to the Veterinary Field Station, Ballycoolin Road, Dublin under the research programme headed by Dr Eamon P Kelly of the Veterinary College.
In 1977 when funding for this programme ran out, the whole herd was going to be slaughtered.  After representations about the possible waste of a unique genetic resource, the herd was transferred to David Couper at Cornahir, Tyrrellspass and it became the foundation of the well-known Cornahir herd.
Shadwell Robert had died shortly after importation to Ireland but his genetic legacy has continued in the Cornahir Herd and is internationally widespread through Cornahir Outlaw.